Amazon Marketplace

A universal selling platform suitable to accommodate your eCommerce business needs

Undoubtedly Amazon Marketplace is one of the biggest and most popular online selling platforms existing today. If you`re an online business owner, Amazon Marketplace should be the first place you start selling. We strongly advise you to take your place there, because the platform offers quite the advantages for eCommerce companies that other channels cannot compete with. Amazon Marketplace has a massive audience reach and an outstanding user database, consisting of 300 million active users worldwide and counting, so hop on and embrace this huge business growing opportunity.

When shopping online, surveys have shown that Amazon Marketplace is the first place where users actively search and successfully retrieve what they are looking for. This is why utilizing this selling platform puts you steps ahead of your competition. Amazon Marketplace is beneficial not only to buyers, but sellers are well taken care of as well. It helps you build your customer base, gain brand awareness, business credibility with lower cost on the logistics and customer service processes.

Use Amazon Marketplace and all of its assets to bring your business a step further. We, at Streamlined Efficiency, expand our Amazon Marketplace expertise on a daily basis – managing, consulting and growing online companies in various established, innovative and saturated business niches. We are here to help you carry your eCommerce progress through all of the online-selling challenges, acquire steady revenue and build a strong relationship with your Amazon customers.

Amazon Marketplace Benefits

Join Amazon Marketplace for the biggest revenue booster to your eCommerce business

  • Utilize the resources of Amazon Marketplace and significantly expand your customer base

  • Amplify your online presence for enhanced brand recognition and visibility

  • Become a trustworthy online seller and gain market credibility

  • Cut business costs while growing your sales through Amazon Marketplace`s assets

Amazon Marketplace
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Market Research

Conducting a thorough market research in order to identify profitable product opportunities is very important when starting at Amazon Marketplace. A well-executed market research includes analyzing competition, customer demand and pricing trends to find a niche where you can differentiate yourself.

Listing Optimization

Optimizing your product listings by using relevant keywords, high-quality images, and compelling product descriptions is essential if you want to rank in the SERPs, be visible for potential buyers and ahead of your competition. Once you've done your keyword research, make sure to utilize the right keywords in your product title, description, and in the backend of your listing to create a well-put and informative product presentation.

Inventory Management and Shipping

If you want to lower your logistics costs or take off your hands from order fulfillment, storing and shipping, consider utilizing Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service to streamline your operations and improve shipping efficiency. Amazon FBA can benefit both you as a business owner and the buyer, as it significantly shortens the delivery time and helps with establishing a strong and trustworthy connection with your customers.

Customer Satisfaction and Product Reviews

Customer satisfaction and positive product reviews on your listings are a great deal in Amazon Marketplace. Reviews are one of the first things potential buyers look at and this hugely affects their decision-making process. So, focus on delivering excellent customer service. Respond promptly and in a professional, understanding and helpful manner to customer inquiries and resolve any issues quickly. Positive reviews and a strong seller rating will enhance your brand reputation and boost sales.

Performance Insights

As in any other business, performance insights show you the direction you`re headed and what you need to improve, remove or continue doing. Make sure to monitor and analyze your performance regularly - keep track of sales, reviews, and customer feedback to identify the areas for improvement and development. We can always assist you in adjusting your product pricing, maintaining sufficient inventory levels and modify your marketing strategies based on data-driven insights

Ads and Promotions

We advise you to always invest in advertising campaigns to increase your product's visibility and drive sales. Amazon Marketplace offers multiple types of ad campaigns - both automatic and manual and with different creative formats, in order to put your products in front of a larger target audience, gain brand exposure and product visibility. Utilizing Amazon's advertising tools, such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, will help you target relevant keywords and reach your target audience effectively.


Manage a successful data-driven listing and empower your business decisions

Generally, Amazon Marketplace enables third-party sellers to sell their products on the platform and within very attainable requirements. To become a third-party seller on Amazon all you need is a seller’s account, a good product listing and arranging how you`ll ship to the customer – yourself or through Amazon. This first part is simple to complete, but growing your online business via Amazon Marketplace requires a touch of masterful execution and knowledge-based decisions. This applies especially to managing your product listings, order fulfillment and customer satisfaction rate in order to be successful as an Amazon third-party seller.

The latest Amazon statistics show an increasingly growing number of third-party sellers on the platform – over 10 million by the end of 2022, but only 30% of them are active. About 60% of all the products on Amazon are sold by them. The bottom line is that Amazon Marketplace is a very attractive, convenient and accessible platform with extensive customer reach. Third-party sellers can leverage Amazon’s infrastructure to reach millions of potential buyers and tap into a vast network of resources, including customer support, product storage and shipping.

However, entering the Amazon Marketplace can come with intense competition, strict policies and requirements, and high fees, such as referral fees and fulfillment fees. These factors make it crucial for sellers to have a solid understanding of the platform’s policies, best practices, and strategies. Nonetheless, Amazon Marketplace third-party selling has proven to be a lucrative and rewarding way for businesses to reach a global audience and increase their revenue.

Being aware of all the opportunities and drawbacks Amazon Marketplace presents to an eCommerce business, we acknowledge and strategically work for expanding your customer acquisition potential and retail success on the platform in every way possible.

Investment inn modern business image


Invest to create extraordinary long-term business value

Strategic investments are generally long-term in nature and are heavily focused on implementing synergies, building purposeful investments, installing capability integrations and sharing mutual objectives between the company and the investor. The main goal is achieving business sustainability, from which both sides profit. It is not unusual in the long run for the investor to become a strategic business partner, helping with expansive business growth, talent acquisition and improving the business` competitive power.

The modern business climate has been imminently shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, forming new trends in the economic landscape and pushing upfront specific segments like eCommerce, fintech, cyber security, health tech, remote working, etc., which have been flourishing exclusively in the last couple of years. This time period was perfect for founders in these industries to attract strategic investors with their core values aligned, who can help them empower their growth and gain access to more assets, capital, expertise, investment networks, clients and market opportunities.

At Streamlined Efficiency we are seasoned as strategic investors and bring outstanding expertise, invaluable to any new company, wanting to grow in today’s challenging times. Although our investing criteria are strict, we put our efforts into understanding the driving forces and the values behind our clients businesses, in order to work together with a mentality of mutual growth and building exceptional long-term value.


Build a winning strategy to maximize your profitability

To become a successful online seller on Amazon Marketplace, you need a solid strategy with some key factors to consider. Right product selection, brand visibility and conversion rate are crucial for achieving excellent profitability. Our team of proactive marketers can plan your winning Amazon Marketplace strategy by selecting the right niche for your eCommerce company, research your competitors and come back with informed proposals for business growth and expansion.

Selling on Amazon Marketplace also provides sellers with a range of tools and capabilities to help grow their businesses. These include tools for product listing and optimization, marketing and advertising, inventory management, and business analysis and insights. With these tools, sellers can efficiently manage their businesses, increase their brand awareness, and ultimately boost their sales.

By implementing a comprehensive strategy that combines product research, optimization, advertising, customer service, and monitoring, you can maximize profitability and achieve the desired success on Amazon Marketplace.