Digital Marketing

Everything your business needs for an outstanding online presence

At Streamlined Efficiency, we believe that digital marketing is more than just a job—it’s a lifestyle. Our team members are high achievers and results-driven individuals who will help you sky-rocket your digital marketing presence. Drive traffic, build awareness, create quality leads and increase your conversions – this is what we enjoy doing!

We specialize in performance marketing and achieving the highest possible return on investment for our partners. We can help you successfully market your product online by covering all relevant digital marketing channels.

Our motivation is to offer our clients the highest-quality and most effective digital marketing services possible. We’re not just an agency—we’re a community of people who are passionate about what they do and want to help your business thrive. Build your digital community and growing list of customers with a fraction of a traditional marketing budget. We’d love to take on a challenge and come back winning!

Digital Marketing Benefits

Let us elevate your online business presence and performance

  • Expand your brand awareness

  • Grow and nurture your targeted audience

  • Increase your eCommerce profits via winning marketing strategy

  • Acquire more profitable lead generation

Digital Marketing
  • Strategize

  • Implement

  • Analyze


First, draw your map to digital success

A good map is the one that points you the correct way to your destination and shows the right surroundings. This is why with every business partner, we start from the very beginning – with thorough competitor analysis and market research. Then it’s time to set the marketing and business objectives and get ready to pursue success!

After we assess your current market position, we devise the most important part of your digital journey – drawing a unique digital marketing plan for reaching your desired KPIs. First, we provide the framework – brand identity and content strategy to create a stable but dynamic digital marketing approach for maximum efficiency and best performance results.

Fine tuning and optimizing your digital strategy is crucial to maintaining a growth-generating marketing performance, so we always invest in real-time adjustments to bring us closer to our goals.

Brand Identity

Brand identity makes you recognisable and memorable among the sea of brands. It is represented by the visible elements of the brand - your logo, colors and design. We will make sure to give you a distinguished brand identity and consistent brand messaging that will stick to the consumers` minds.

Content strategy

An excellent content strategy is the shortest way to reach your digital marketing goals - to grow your sales and customer list. Content strategy is focused on your digital marketing plan - which digital channels to use, how to deliver your message, nurture your audience and get the highest ROI. We will help you plan, create, deliver and evaluate the content you put in the digital world, following your roadmap to success.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing channels, but still a very powerful tool to this day, when you exploit it correctly. It has the highest ROI and is an extremely easy and budget-saving way to communicate with your customers. It is usually used to showcase your new products, services, discounts and offers. We have sent billions of emails and carry out the best practices to run remunerative email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Today's businesses need to harvest the power of social media to leverage their marketing strategy. This means adopting a long-term tactical approach to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in order to achieve your business goals and gain significant competitive advantage. Social media presence is key as it helps with building brand awareness and growing an audience, which you can convert into loyal customers.


PPC (or pay-per-click) is a model of digital marketing where you as a business advertiser pay a fee for every click on your ad on an advertising platform, such as Google Ads. In PPC it is crucial to utilize an experienced professional who can set and target your paid campaign efficiently. Our team can make the maximum of your PPC budget and operate your paid advertising campaigns profitably and cost-efficiently.

SMS & Push Marketing

SMS and Push marketing can be a substantially useful marketing tool for your e-commerce business. SMS messages and Push notifications operate through mobile devices and their goal is to effectively communicate important information to your customers. This type of marketing has an incredible 98% open rate, so let us help you take advantage of it.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) plays a huge impact on your marketing strategy. In short, SEO is the process of improving your website's visibility, complying to search engines ranking factors, so you appear higher on a search page for the product or service you sell. A well-executed SEO helps tremendously with organic traffic, hopefully transforming it into loyal customers.


Copywriting is the technical term for advertising text. It is the backbone of a digital marketing strategy as it carries the most valuable brand message and the power to persuade a visitor to become a customer. Good copywriting is a simple but effective way to communicate and connect with your audience. We, at Streamlined Efficiency, know how to grab and hold attention through written words and transform it into rising sales.


Combine the most powerful tools of digital marketing to a guaranteed growth of sales

We, at Streamlined Efficiency know how to use the power of digital marketing instruments and resources. Our ever growing experience with various business partners and numerous successful marketing practices, help us gain confidence to effectively implement the proper digital marketing tools for your business, starting with the essentials.

An efficient and well-constructed digital marketing plan has its strong foundations from involving all established marketing channels – email marketing, social media management, paid advertising, SMS and Push marketing, search engine optimization and copywriting. Creating a functional management between all of them and optimizing their execution, will be responsible for a quick and steady business growth.

Operating with traditional digital marketing channels always demonstrates a competitive advantage and sustainable growth. We purposefully distribute the marketing budget across all of them for achieving best return of investment and building an astounding digital presence.



Take your marketing on another level

The digital marketing world is inevitably growing and evolving, daily presenting challenges to the business owners and marketers around the world. The digital consumer`s behavior and tastes often change to a great extent and businesses need to adapt to this dynamic setting. This is where real professionals show and prove that this situation is an opportunity and not a threat to your business growth.

In recent years, lead generation, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are on the rise, generating steady traffic, boosting brand awareness and driving conversions faster than anticipated. If you can spare the coin, it’s always a good idea to invest in the marketing trends, because they may become a gold mine for your business.

Our team are masters at assessing the appropriate channel and applying that extra push to strengthen and upgrade your marketing strategy. The unfolding results will truly take your digital presence and business revenue to another level.

Lead Generation

Lead generation should be part of every marketing strategy as its goal is to continue the communication with a person who has already digitally met and indicates interest in your business, with the potential of turning into a customer. If done well, it will become a sufficient tool for increasing sales and extending the lifetime value of your clients.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of an advertising process where a business compensates third-party partners to promote their products or services in exchange or earning a commission from any sales generated by the affiliates, through a personalized link. In today’s digital world, affiliate marketing has become a billion-dollar industry. Let us incorporate it in your marketing strategy and witness an outsourced boost in traffic, sales and leads.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of collaboration between your business and a content creator with a trusted social media following. It is not only a source to increase your business revenue, but has an immense effect on building your brand image, growing your audience and expanding the brand`s recognition. We know the importance of the right influencers for a successful marketing campaign, so trust us to build profitable partnerships for you.