Strategic Investment

Step into the world of strategic investment with our adept expertise leading you along the way

Strategic investment is not an easy process – you have to weigh in a lot of social and economic factors, assess the present circumstances and be able to predict the future to an extent, in order to make a great profitable return on your investment. Numerous considerations and risks follow along the way, but when you see your investment gaining success, there is no better feeling than this.

What is strategic investment? The term itself describes a set of principles planned and outlined to achieve a financial goal. Diving deeper, the process of strategic investment is a plan consisting of business goals, risk tolerance, needs of capital and predictions of return of the investments, designed to back up your defined investment and financial goals. An investment strategy is never a one-size-fits-all – it adopts a dynamic approach, with continuous reevaluation and realignment, navigating through the ever changing business environment.

Throughout the past decade we`ve engaged into a growing number of strategic investments in multiple industries and are here to offer you first-hand expertise and guidance into the world of strategic investment.

Strategic Investment Benefits

Enrich your business expertise and financial gains via winning investment strategies

  • Gain access to resources and mentors to help you scale your business

  • Develop your industry knowledge and expertise

  • Expand your business network and market credibility

  • Create a financial flow to fund your business ventures

Strategic Investment
  • Plan

  • Invest

  • Grow


Recognise the growth potential into early-stage companies

Investing in startups has its own specifics and the early stage enrollment is the most key one. At this stage the investor is given the opportunity to provide the startup company with capital to get off the ground in exchange for equity. Know that early-stage investments present a considerable risk, but immensely rewarding when the investment proves its worth.

Early-stage companies rely tremendously on investments to launch their products or services, as well as to grow and expand their business. Investments fund their need of talent, infrastructure and marketing, but investors can also provide valuable insights and mentorship to navigate the business venture to success.

Before jumping into your investment journey, there’s a lot of work you need to get done. Strategic investments in early-stage companies need substantial and thorough research before the actual investment. You have to be fully aware of the company’s business model, the people behind it, their market potential and competitive landscape. Informed investment decisions are made when you are equipped with the necessary knowledge of the company.

We, at Streamlined Efficiency are highly experienced in the investment in early-stage companies. We strategically infuse capital, talent or technical solutions to startup companies in which we recognise a significant growth potential. A primary goal in our strategic investments portfolio is to adopt a scaling approach by always being open to take on new opportunities, while closely analyzing the deal flow.




Invest to create extraordinary long-term business value


Strategic investments are generally long-term in nature and are heavily focused on implementing synergies, building purposeful investments, installing capability integrations and sharing mutual objectives between the company and the investor. The main goal is achieving business sustainability, from which both sides profit. It is not unusual in the long run for the investor to become a strategic business partner, helping with expansive business growth, talent acquisition and improving the business` competitive power.

The modern business climate has been imminently shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, forming new trends in the economic landscape and pushing upfront specific segments like eCommerce, fintech, cyber security, health tech, remote working, etc., which have been flourishing exclusively in the last couple of years. This time period was perfect for founders in these industries to attract strategic investors with their core values aligned, who can help them empower their growth and gain access to more assets, capital, expertise, investment networks, clients and market opportunities.

At Streamlined Efficiency we are seasoned as strategic investors and bring outstanding expertise, invaluable to any new company, wanting to grow in today’s challenging times. Although our investing criteria are strict, we put our efforts into understanding the driving forces and the values behind our clients businesses, in order to work together with a mentality of mutual growth and building exceptional long-term value.


Leverage your investment portfolio in the eCommerce and fintech fields


Our strategic investment focus at Streamlined Efficiency is primarily in eCommerce and fintech industries, which allows us to leverage our vast expertise in these areas. We are proud to show-off with our investment strategies in these two fields, because it is estimated that only around 10% of the startups in these areas survive to become profitable businesses. The risk is high, but we know how to add smart capital to help springboard eComm and fintech companies to new tiers of success.

No matter the numbers that show that eCommerce presents a high-risk investment, there are some crucial factors that may convince you to make your strategic investment in a relatively new but potentially growing eCommerce company. When researching eCommerce companies for investment, the promising signs are: the business operates in a booming industry, has a unique value proposition, continuously works on new developments and ideas and has promising business metrics.

Most of the eCommerce statements are also valid for the fintech industry. This is why Streamlined Efficiency is oriented in building an impactful fintech investment portfolio, recognising the potential and financial gains that an inclusive fintech solution provides. Surely nowadays the investment activities in the fintech field are multiplying, as the speed of low-cost, but far-reaching financial solutions spread globally, conquering challenging markets and giving access to financial services even to developing regions.