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For a client, payment processing is just a simple step from the purchase – it ends with a swipe, tap or entering your payment credentials. An operation is completed within seconds, but behind it there are many steps and approvals happening to complete the transaction. Essentially it is a complex behavior that includes a series of systems working in synchronicity to execute an efficient transaction cycle.

We have partnered with the best payment partners in the world, ensuring faster transaction approval, lower cancellation rates, minimal declined payments and secure transfer of information. Throughout our international business ventures, we`ve specialized in optimizing the payment processing to its finest detail. We only utilize established and globally-accepted payment partners, so we can offer you proven and adapted to your business model payment processing providers

Payment Processing Benefits

Let your payment processing work for business growth and customer satisfaction

  • Achieve high approval rate with the best global payment processing partners

  • Maximize profits by decreasing churn and chargebacks

  • Minimize your transactions fees and sufficiently cut business costs

  • Improve your brand reputation via streamlined payment processes

Payment Processing
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We swiftly solve the problem with declined payment approvals

Payment approval is a crucial step in the purchase process for any business, especially eCommerce. It has been closely observed that the payment approval rates in eCommerce are severely lower than in any other form of retail. They represent the ratio between the number of approved transactions and the number of attempted transactions over a certain time period.

The payment approval rate mainly informs the merchants how much money they are losing because of declined transactions. This is why we have made increasing those valuable rates one of our top priorities in payment processing optimization.

We`ve designed and instituted a set of measures to reach and always maintain a high count of payment approvals for your eCommerce business. These include automated card updating, automated instant retry, 3DS consolidation, smart routing and advanced payment analytics, for frictionless, cross border, multi-currency approvals.


Recapture and reduce churn from credit card declines

Payment declines are surely one of the unpleasant events in eCommerce and minimizing them is an important task of the payment process. Research shows that 62% of the customers who experience a payment decline in their purchase, would not return to try and purchase again. This means that the merchant is losing revenue and might as well be a customer. It can also affect and damage their business reputation.

The two main factors leading to payment declines are issues with the client’s credentials – an outdated card, insufficient funds, declines from the issuing bank, etc.; or mistakes in merchant`s payment process.

We are putting lots of effort into significantly decreasing payment decline rates. An optimization on payment declines will truly affect the success of an eCommerce business. Our goal is to streamline the payment process by combating low approval rates while causing minimal after effect on customer experience. Fixing this payment processing issue, will help you grow your sales and lead to more satisfied customers.


Cut down transaction costs in your business

Cutting business fees and maintaining a cost-effective expense balance is an ongoing task for any business owner. Transaction fees are not always a top priority, as they seem as an inevitable part of the expenses. On the other hand, if you make a close estimate of all the payment processing fees a company has to pay monthly or yearly, they add to a quite significant amount.

There are some factors that determine what would be the amount of payment processing fees a business is paying, which depend on the type of the business, whether the company is B2B, is it classified as a high-risk level business and the types of transactions a business is making.

However, we at Streamlined Efficiency, are dedicated to providing the best payment processing actions to our clients to reduce the fees on transactions and payment processing services their eCommerce business is paying. They include negotiation with credit card processors for lower fee costs, eliminating the risk of credit card fraud, properly setting up a credit card terminal and utilizing consulting services from proven credit card experts.


Reduce your chargeback risk and protect your revenue

Any business experiences chargebacks for one reason or another, but when they start piling up and become an endangering liability to your business, it’s high time you take immediate chargeback mitigation actions in a strategic manner. In other words, you need to implement a set of measures and processes that would stop the ongoing chargebacks and minimize the risk of future ones in order to protect you from financial losses.

We know that every industry faces different challenges and we always adjust the chargeback mitigation efforts to the applicable business circumstances. For example, some of the chargeback managing actions we develop focus on identifying the sources of chargeback and decreasing false positive transactions, lowering the rate of unauthorized transactions and terminating any preventable chargeback triggers.

Executing an effective chargeback mitigation strategy, will certainly bring you recovered revenue, growth on sales and conversions, reduction of declines, improved customer retention rate and brand reputation, and in the long run – sustainable business growth.