Media Buying

Skyrocket your ROI

Media buying is a critical process from your marketing strategy, as it navigates your ads to reach the right audience for your product or service. It includes buying ad placements on both traditional and digital marketing channels. We, at Streamlined Efficiency, are focused on the digital side of media buying as we are highly skilled in shooting up your ROI and boosting your sales in no time.

A good media buying execution can maximize your product visibility, putting it alongside the best products or services in your niche. This will secure you an outstanding reach among your most valuable and precisely targeted audiences. But most importantly, it can help to educate your desired customers about your brand, and how it can help with fulfilling their needs and solving their problems.

Securing an excellently performing media buying strategy will not only gain good market visibility, make you discoverable and grow your revenue, but will get you the lowest cost per action. The key is content and analytics – two areas we specialize in.

Media Buying Benefits

Boost your online performance and grow your eCommerce revenue via the best media buying strategy and tools

  • Target your desired customers and expand your online presence

  • Increase your engagement and break into new audiences

  • Save your resources and a reach better ROI

  • Drive revenue and sales using the best media buying tools

Media Buying
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Use our proficiency in all digital advertising channels

We, at Streamlined Efficiency, have mastered digital media buying and can guarantee you that we will get the best investment to results ratio. We are truly talented at matching your ad with the best target audience, placement, location and time to run for a great audience reach and conversion rate.

Our expertise in media buying is throughout all popular digital advertising channels – Google ads, YouTube ads, social media ads, and even mobile gaming advertising, on streaming platforms and partner marketing. We always develop a custom media buying strategy for our clients, considering all suitable channels to efficiently drive traffic, sales and appear in front of new audiences with a wonderful return on ad spend.

Just simply making ads is not a formula for success, but we know how to hook your right audience at the right place at the right time and deliver your brand message effectively. Our team is certified for advertising in all digital media platforms with continuous training in order to be on top on every marketing trend and targeting technology.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the backbone of digital media buying and you should most certainly make them a part of your marketing strategy. This essential digital advertising tool can put your business on the top of a Google search page, displaying your ads to a wider audience. With the help of an experienced Google Ads specialist and a proper campaign building, you have the opportunity to skyrocket your conversion rates and business revenue through Google Ads.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are still the leading social media platforms with yet growing numbers of users and conversion rates. If your brand has a social media following on Facebook and Instagram, don`t miss on the opportunity Facebook and Instagram Ads give to grow your business. Facebook and Instagram Ads not only aid in increasing your sales, but assist you in broadening your audience, educating them about your business and retaining valuable customers.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the leading video platform with a tendency of growing as an increasing number of people turn to consuming more and more video content. YouTube ads are a tremendous chance to target your right audience and showcase your brand to billions of people worldwide. YouTube ads are one of the most cost-effective paid platforms, with easy to handle campaigns and measuring metrics, low ad spend and delivering fast results.

TikTok Ads

TikTok ads are already establishing a permanent position as a preferred paid advertiser as the users of TikTok are multiplying by the hour. So we strongly suggest you consider TikTok ads as a huge prospect in media buying and dive into this fast-growing social media platform. TikTok ads differ in some ways from traditional social media advertising, featuring an innovative and native to the platform formats. But most importantly, TikTok ads allow you to target your desired audience and achieve rapid advertising success.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are a wonderful advertising tool for B2B companies to grow in the professional market, receive online recognition and build leads. LinkedIn Ads are specifically oriented to promote a company's presence on the platform by sponsored content, messages and InMails, targeted at desirable businesses to partner with. The most valuable quality of LinkedIn ads is the ability to help a business reach a potential client in the market by directly connecting to their representatives.

Mobile Gaming Advertising

Mobile gaming advertising is a form of promotion where advertisers purchase ad space within a mobile game. The type of ads may vary - static or dynamic, and be implemented as banners or directly integrated into the game. The benefits from mobile gaming advertisers are increased brand awareness, boost of engagement, encouraging in-app purchases, easy to measure ROI and are a great revenue stream for e-commerce businesses.

Streaming Advertising

Streaming advertising is a relatively new paid advertising platform but nowadays gains popularity, as Internet TV and streaming platforms get more users by the day. Similarly to TV ads, streaming ads appear before or during the streaming service and are delivered to viewers via video content. Streaming video ads are much more effective than traditional TV commercials and tend to reach a far more narrow audience as they allow specific targeting. This means you get a low ad spend with a higher conversion rate.

Partner Marketing

Partner marketing is a type of strategic partnership, ideally formed between two non-competing companies or brands for mutual benefits. The main objective of such partnerships is to reach fresh audiences, broaden the market and open up new revenue streams. Partner marketing can become an essential part of your media buying strategy as data insights show that 68% of the consumers make a purchase after viewing partnership campaigns. You just have to pick the right partner for your business.


Why remarketing is crucial for your sales

Remarketing is a powerful tool that you should always utilize when implementing your media buying strategy. Remarketing, also popular as retargeting, is a form of digital marketing in which you place your ads in front of an audience that are already familiar with your brand in some way. This means that this audience has visited your website or a landing page, and have shown some form of interest in your business. You can consider remarketing your “second chance” to make a conversion, up-sell, retain customers or even showcase more of your products or services. The attention span of today`s Internet users shrinks but the digital content they consume increases, so remarketing helps you gain your audience’s attention again and when done correctly – stick to their mind. We are proficient at the most advanced remarketing tactics and programs, and by using data analysis, proper media planning and campaign optimization, we can deliver striking audience and sales growth results.