Customer Support

Deliver proactive and immediate support to your customers

Never underestimate the imperative function of excellent customer service in your business! Your customer support representatives are the link between your company and your customers, so you need to protect, nurture and optimize this precious connection. Customer services have great influence on your present clients and the future ones as well. Therefore, depending on these precious business interactions, make sure you proactively provide a genuinely delightful customer experience.

Surveys show that over 60% of customers who have a negative customer support interaction, would quickly switch to a new brand and not return to buy from you. This striking number shows that no matter how good, helpful or innovative your product or service is, if your client is not catered for, it could cost you lost sales and bad reputation.

On the other hand, if you manage to deliver positive customer service consistently, a staggering 95% of clients are prone to come back for a repeating purchase. Knowing this, it will surely drive you to provide first-class customer support services.

Customer Support Benefits

Reinforce your eCommerce business through excellent customer service

  • Surge your customer retention and customer acquisition rates

  • Encourage customer loyalty and expand your lifetime customer value

  • Build a strong brand reputation and create great customer experience

  • Expand your sales and upsell your products

Customer Support
  • Respond

  • Resolve

  • Retain


We offer customer service on every channel

Today delivering great customer support services means you should be flexible and be easy to contact on many channels – email, phone, social media, SMS and even face to face. We can help you adapt your business in this dynamic environment and provide you with a multi-channel customer service solution. We will not only supply the technical alternatives, but regardless of the medium, our customer service professionals communicate effectively with your customers, superintending to their needs.

Customer service channels offer diverse types of communication, matching the type of questions, needs and issues your clients have. Your best customer support strategy would be to invest in a combination of both human and automated self-service channels.

By implementing automated self-service channels, your customers will have the ability to quickly solve some of their problems on their own. However, having an option for human interaction is crucial, when they can`t find the information they need or resolve an issue, before frustration arises. This business move will only create loyal and satisfied customers of your brand.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the foundation of customer service. It represents the synergy between strategy and technology used to manage the interactions between your company and your customers. CRM greatly assists companies create streamline processes leading to improved customer services, evolved business-client relations and subsequently increased sales and higher profitability. Our professionals will assist you with the CRM integration and management to flawlessly execute your customer support processes.

Call Center Representation

Today`s customer expects a timely quality interaction and an immediate response if an issue occurs. Having an efficient and competent call center is the best way to ensure your client is sought after and has a positive customer experience. Call centers are an excellent solution for handling customer tickets and keeping up with the clients` demands and expectations. We are capable of providing you with the most modern call center solutions - both software and proficiently-trained call agents.

Video-Call Customer Service

A growing number of businesses adopt Video-Call into their customer service strategy. It is becoming an increasingly popular contact channel with a surprising surge of this type of service by 70% since 2020. Customers absolutely enjoy video-call customer service, as it makes the interaction between your brand and them real-time, personalized and most importantly it humanizes the digital customer experience. Video-call customer service will not only create a pleasurable interaction, but helps with building brand trust and a meaningful business-client connection.

Live-Chat Customer Service

Live-Chat is a must in your customer service strategy as it enables your customers to contact you conveniently directly through your website and quickly receive support on their queries. Via text chat your clients can communicate with you easily and contact you at any time while getting almost an immediate response. It is one of the most convenient and cost-effective customer support services for both customer and business. Live-chat is becoming predominantly preferred by the customers because it's a much faster alternative than email or phone.

Mobile Messaging Customer Service

Mobile Messaging or SMS Customer Service is a type of customer service where an organization uses a specialized SMS software to directly respond to customer queries. It is mainly utilized for its faster response rate and offers a more personalized approach to customers. Mobile messaging is quickly acted upon, saves valuable time, it builds trust in the business and helps in nurturing the business-client relationship. It attracts the attention of the customers, as the SMS open rate is 90%, creating a seamless customer journey and a cost-effective customer support service.

Email Customer Service

Email Customer Service is one of the primary customer service channels and is mandatory to have if you want your business to be recognized as a trustworthy and professional service provider. It is still a highly preferable way of contact for many customers and is usually used as a formal type of communication. It may not be one of the fastest customer service channels but email customer support usually provides insightful, detailed and valuable information regarding the client's questions and issues. We can facilitate you with a specialized software, as well as agent representation, following the best email customer support guidelines.

Social Media Customer Service

As the name suggests, Social Media Customer Service takes place on social platforms where your brand maintains a business profile. A rising number of customers are using the brand`s official profile to connect with them. It's crucial that you provide immaculate customer support on all of your social media platforms. Offering omnichannel support on social media may be a challenge, but remember that you have to respond in a timely manner, act as a human and reply to both positive and negative feedback. Mastering social media support can only aid with customer satisfaction, positive reviews online and building a stable relationship with your audience.

Automated Customer Service

Automated Customer Service is an innovative technology-based customer support which allows customers to solve an issue without human interaction. It has the capacity to provide 24/7 support and is mainly used to assist the customer service department with simple, repetitive tasks or directing tickets to the relevant department. Automated customer support is exceptionally cost and time efficient, as it is a very convenient tool, speeding up the customer support processes and freeing up time for the customer representatives to focus on tasks which require human intervention.

Chat Bots

Chat Bots represent automated customer service. They are built through artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language understanding in order to respond as humanly as possible. Chat bots use a pre-programmed script and an available knowledge base to communicate with a customer. They can be a useful customer support tool, performing routine tasks and returning a fast reply to frequently occuring customer questions. They are a useful customer service tool which allows you to gain customer insights, increase customer engagement, balance automation and human interaction, reduce customer support costs and improve customer experience.

In-Person Representative

In-Person Representatives are specially trained customer support agents available at the physical locations of a business, who assist customers and solve their problems. In today's digital world the in-person representation could be also performed via virtual customer support remotely. The customer service representatives work directly with people and are highly valuable in terms of fostering lasting client relationships, maintaining a good brand image and are the voice of the company. In-person representation is key to a customer support strategy as it strongly affects the customer journey and customer retention rate.


We acknowledge the impact of excellent customer service

Exceptional customer service can and will boost your sales, multiply your customers and build your positive brand image. It creates a strong trifecta that drives revenue to your business. But providing good customer service also has some additional benefits. Most importantly, it will soar your customer loyalty and satisfaction, increasing your client`s life-time value and also helping you reach higher profitability.

Consider good customer service an effective marketing strategy. A happy and satisfied customer often shares positive and worthy feedback to family, friends and even strangers, influencing and drawing new people to buy from you.

Another very crucial benefit of good customer service is that it helps you know and understand your clients better. This is a superb advantage of customer service, as it will navigate you where and how to upgrade, refine and develop your brand in the right direction. So make sure to listen to your customers` needs, respond quickly to their struggles and fix your mistakes swiftly. And predominantly think long-term – you will gain only faster and ever growing success from pleased and appreciated customers.