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Media Planning

Streamlined Efficiency specializes in buying media for in-house product lines, as well as for private clients. We have invested heavily in developing, testing and refining high-performance vehicles which consistently secure mass volumes of relevant traffic.

Our vastly experienced online/social media specialists work closely with you to create a customized media strategy,
carry out media research, and build a precisely targeted media plan. When we’re satisfied that every viable option has
been accommodated and every opportunity explored, we launch and optimize your online ad campaign.

  • Highly trained, results-driven in-house affiliate promotion group

Lead Generation

Streamlined Efficiency routinely handle thousands of leads/sales daily. We drive high quality, high volume results.Maximizing client results and ROI from our extended reach, acumen and traffic generation platforms.

Our years of developing, testing and refining our online marketing playbook have built a thoroughly proven,
performance-driven model, comprised of traditional and innovative proprietary marketing tactics, including:

Expert media strategy, planning, purchasing and management.
Our Online task force of thousands of internal affiliates
24/7 anti fraud, lead scrubbing solutions allow for industry leading, campaign purity.
Professional search engine optimization
Hands-on pay per click marketing

Software Development

With our strategic partners, we develop powerful software solutions

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Streamlined Efficiency software solutions are purpose-built
– harnessing the intellectual capital and out-of-the-box thinking of our in-house experts and
our extensive network of strategic partners. Integrated custom-fit CRM platforms, tailored
merchant processing solutions and Web telephony upsell programs are some of the products
our “team of talents” development tank.

Merchant processing solutions and web telephony upsell programs are some of the products in our “Team Of Talent’s” development tank.

Can we build something for you? If you have a specific software need or would simply like to learn more about what we do and the results we achieve – please contact us immediately.

About Us

We are a high-energy team of seasoned online media professionals.
Streamlined Efficiency’s accumulated in-house experience and intellectual capital span the years since Google was a pup. We’ve studied or worked with all the new ideas along the way, as internet marketing and social media have evolved and, now, converged, we have proven battle-tested and traffic-ready.

We ‘get’ the digital business world. Our innovative business models define new categories of internet business — deploying our skills and methodologies to drive enhanced returns by creating exceptional value and substance.

Start a conversation about profitability. Contact one of our expert Team Members and see where and how
we can begin to realize your true online potential.

We ensure that your online business leaves no money on the table.

Our Team

Online experts by experience – winners by nature The online arena doesn’t work office hours. Neither do we. Our lights often burn late at night, as members of our team work on a time-sensitive launch or focus a client’s campaign on a fresh new opportunity. Planned, dedicated execution is the code we live by.

We believe that chance favors the well prepared. You cannot predict opportunities, but you CAN plan to seize them when they occur. Our in-house team – with their vast experience and online marketing savvy – make sure our clients are ALWAYS prepared with a quick-footed response and rapid- engagement online marketing tools.

Opportunities arise without warning, and it takes expert trend analysis and high-level vigilance to profit from them. That’s what we do. Get in touch, and talk to one of our team.

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Streamlined Efficiency, LLC Represents Clients, World-Wide.


Get in touch and talk to a member of the Streamlined Efficiency team about options and opportunities to maximize returns on your digital marketing spend.
Send us a quick online request via the contact form, we’ll get back to you promptly.

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